They’re fuller and more round…but my hips and thighs are a little heavier too. Thin girls up till now have been living in fool’s paradise believing that men are attarcted to thin women as the media shows…. Thigh gaps happen to people with small hips, and i wish i did, its impossible for me to wear flowy tops. If u r unhappy with yourself and u lack confidence then by all means do wat u feel is right for u but remember do it for yourself not some1 else because a guy that truelly likes u they will like u for who u r and how u look otherwise he wouldnt of shown any interest guy ritchie who is he dating . Reply november 5, 2013, 7:15 pm ryan the skinnier the better. I think what you wrote is extremely insensitive and for lack of a better word cruel guy ritchie who is he dating . Reading someone’s opinion doesn’t mean you have to change the way you’ve been living your life so take it easy. As for me m not very tall that’s the only problem with me. Some men do like mean girls, but those are exceptions i guess. Reply november 8, 2011, 7:21 pm tami beth i have been looking for that study for a while now. I am about 5”2 and my friends and family always tell me that i am ‘curvy’ or healthy although i used to feel so fat and i didnt understand why they would just sugar coat the truth and not just tell me to hit the gym and work out.

If we as women can prefer one body type in men over the other or we, all of us, like hot men with good bodies, why wouldnt we expect the same from men. I used to wish i wasn’t so skinny and had curves and i felt ugly. Reply january 11, 2013, 6:42 am can t tell if serious i almost totally agree with you man. I think this type of information is what a lot of girls need to hear these days because many girls look in the mirror or step on the scale and think it’s okay to change their body to look different than what it looks like naturally. People drive themselves nuts aspiring to look like a certain body type, when really the best body goal to have is whatever healthy and fit looks like for you. I tend to be cut and if i ever did what you do, i am sure my arms and legs would be muscular, which, no offense, i do not want. Physical attraction is the first step, but personality (inner beautiful) is what keeps the guy around. Everyone has their own preferences though, for me the whole ‘dove campaign for natural beauty’ is complete bs and seems like an excuse for women to let themselves go. If a guy has an issue with your size, while it’s his preference, it’s also his problem – keep it moving. Reply november 26, 2014, 3:46 am courtney sorry, i know it sounds super judgmental as no one really wants to be unhealthy. If you are 5’6″ and 153 lb, then your bmi is 24.

Me being super skinny no muscle all making sense now after this… and now wen i go on medication, i hav chance of growing chubby… not sure what i want to look like anymore… or if guys look at me or not… all i want is my health n this disease to go away…. I am healthy and am blessed to not have “fat” issues (as you refer to it) and i am being looked at as wrong. Sorry but even average girls are considered fat.redating the great sphinx of giza nose.
. Maybe thats at the core of the taste for skinnier ladies. Which always makes me feel great because i’m not too big or too small, i’m perfectly equally proportioned and it’s awesome. Sure, i’m a size 2, sometimes size 0 [depends on the brand] at 5 ft tall but i’m not skinny. I’ve been married for 10 years now and my guy still can’t keep his hands (and mouth) off of me. Your track record doesn’t matter – if she, in the moment of whatever it is that your discussing, doesn’t feel loved then all she will come away with is the suffocating fear that she is unloved by you. There are always going to be outliers and fringe groups. I eat 3000-4000 calories every single day, i am on cross country and have a fast metabolism so i have to eat a lot to maintain myself. .

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